Terms of service

Last updated: September 25, 2020

Agreement Between You and PureLander

By accessing and using thePureLander website, accessible at PureLander.com (hereinafter, the “Website”), you agree to the terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”) under which you may use the Website, any of the materials, online communications and any information that is currently, or will in future become available on the Website.

Your accessing the PureLander Website means that you accept and agree to be bound, without limitation, modification or qualification by these terms and conditions and agree not to use the Website for any unlawful purpose. By entering your username, you have officially “signed” the Terms of Service. If you do not accept any of the terms or conditions stated on this page, please do not use the Website.

When you accept this Agreement, you are also agreeing to our Privacy Policy and our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) (see farther down this page), which form part of these Terms and may be amended at any time, with or without notification. We strongly recommend reviewing them periodically, as well as printing or saving copies for your records.

This agreement applies to your PureLander subscription. This is a legal contract, so if you are entering into this agreement on behalf of a company, government agency, organization, or other legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity to these Terms. (In this case, “you” and “your” would then refer to the entity.)

We will not knowingly accept this Agreement from anyone under the age of consent, or who lacks the capacity to understand these Terms. Neither will we knowingly collect their Personal Information.

This agreement between you and PureLander may be terminated by PureLander at any time without notice.

Your Account

Accessing your account can only be done using your User ID. You understand and agree that you are responsible for keeping your User ID and password safe and confidential. You also agree to provide current, accurate, true and complete information about yourself or the entity that you represent, without misrepresentation. Your further agree to keep your information updated. PureLander is not responsible for any profile information that may be lost or irrecoverable through the use of the Website or its services.

You hold the right to access and use the Website services for as long as you remain the Account Owner and comply with this Agreement.

Your account is non-transferable and you agree not to share or disclose your User ID to any other parties. If you believe or become aware of any Third-party unauthorized use of your account or profile, notify PureLander immediately.

Billing and Payment

You can update your billing information from within your Account. Billing information can only be changed by the Account owner. PureLander will never, under any circumstances, change your billing information for you and will not be held responsible if an unauthorized party accesses your Account or changes your billing details.

Account owner disputes are not the responsibility of, nor will they be handled by PureLander.

By entering your credit card number and/or payment information, you authorize us to charge for the Website products/services. If the credit card or payment method does not successful go through, you authorize us to suspend your Account until we receive payment, whether that means switching methods or updating details in your account. You authorize us to re-attempt payment processing once billing/payment details have been made current.

Your paid subscription is valid for six (6) months. Renewal must be done by the Account owner manually and will never be automatically renewed.

Cancellation of your Account is not needed, you will not be charged automaticaly, once your membership is expired, you will have to make a new payment in order to keep using our service. and if you have any questions regarding your Account contact us via any of the contact methods listed at the bottom of the PureLander.com homepage.

Intellectual Property

All of the material on the Website is owned by DIGITAL SKYPEERS LTD. You agree not to use the PureLander trademark, any trade secrets or other intellectual property. Nor will you engage in reverse engineering of the Website.

Content Rights

If you adhere to this agreement, you are free to create an account and access the materials and services to add and upload Content to create and edit landing pages and download your created landing pages. You agree to be solely responsible for all of the Content you submit and upload, including any potential legal or other consequences associated with the Content you have submitted, provided or uploaded.

You grant PureLander the right to troubleshoot your pages, if necessary. You also agree to the modification, addition and deletion of any Content added to the services without liability and at the sole discretion of PureLander. Possible but not exclusive reasons for modifying Content:  software that is malicious or damaging; corrupted code within the Content, violations of intellectual property law; failure to adhere to the AUP of the Website.

You agree that your Content will not violate any copyright or privacy laws, publicity, contract, intellectual property or trademark rights of any person, entity, business or organization. If any of the Content that you submit, provide or upload to PureLander violates any Third Party intellectual property right, you agree to pay all royalties, fees and any other monies owed, relating to the unauthorized use of that Content.

Website Monitoring

You agree that we may monitor the PureLander Website and its services, including and without limitation, any pages created using the Website. We will only disclose information to satisfy any legal obligations, to protect PureLander or its Customers, or for the operation or improvement of the Website or its services.

We also reserve the right to monitor the Website to ensure its security and site integrity, as well as data, materials, intellectual property (yours, ours, Third Parties’) and customer content. Violation of any of our Terms; security threats; intellectual property violations; accessing or trying to access unauthorized data, content or material are reasons for Account suspension.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

You Agree Not To:

- Cause disruption of service by using the PureLander Website or service in such a way that it impacts the normal operation, privacy, integrity or security of the Website or another’s property, including any other account, domain name, URL(s), website, network, system, facility, equipment, business operations, data and/or other information. You also agree not to upload any Content that contains viruses, corrupted files, worms, malware or other harmful elements.

- Use the PureLander Website for any unlawful purposes, including but not limited to phishing or link jacking.

- Partake in any way, a denial of service (DDOS) attack on the Website.

- Reverse engineer, decompile or attempt to access source code of the Website, services or technology.

- Access the Website for the purpose of building a similar product, or get ideas for features, functions, interfaces or graphics.

Violations of our AUP may result in you being the subject of an Account ban and possible legal action.

Legal Jurisdiction

The Terms of Service as documented on this page, are subject to law in the country of United Kingdom.